Cinnamon Creamed Honey


Roark Acres Honey Farms

Cinnamon & Honey alone are fantastic, but together they are unbelievable! Organic Ceylon Cinnamon and our original Creamed Honey are blended together and the result is an irresistibly delicious, spreadable, no drip, treat. Spread the Cinnamon Creamed Honey on some fresh toast for an instant cinnamon roll. Also great in Hot tea and coffee. 

Creamed honey is one of the finest beehive products available. It has a mild flavor, spreads like butter at ordinary room temperature, and unlike liquid honey, it doesn’t drip. Creamed honey is really crystallized or granulated honey. Well-made creamed honey possesses a creamy texture because the crystallization process has been precisely controlled. Creamed honey is made from natural ingredients so expect some variation in this product.

*Raw & UnFiltered*

  • 16 oz.