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What is a CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a way for farmers to develop a working relationship with their community, providing quality in season produce to you and in turn helping the farmer sell the crops that are most plentiful. It helps farmers fund necessary expenditures and the consumer gains access to a great deal on produce!

Here are some basic details of how the program will work:

- Weekly boxes will be available on this page for purchase

- Pickup is on Tuesday & Wednesday at our farm store from 8:30am-5pm

- Additional produce will be available at a 10% discount at the time of box pickup

- No substitutions on box items

If circumstances do not allow you to pick up your CSA box, you need to let us know by Wednesday and we will allow you to transfer your purchase for the next week's box. You NEED to let us know if this is the case, if not then we will not be able to offer you credit for another box. 

Our CSA will not be subscription based this year, allowing us to better assess customer demand and allowing more of our customers to try the boxes!

Feel free to give us a call or email for more information.

We are currently open Monday - Saturday 8:30-5pm.