You Pick

During the season, we offer the following items for you-pick:

Strawberries by the gallon bucket - April through May

Price: $30/bucket

*strawberry reservations are required only on Saturdays

Blackberries by the pound - June through July

Price: $6.50/lb

Flowers by the mason jar - June through August/closing date

$15/large mason jar

Cherry Tomatoes by the quart - July through August/closing date


Dates are approximate and can change based on the weather.

Prices are subject to change.

Please check in at the store before heading out into the fields. All you-pick items are pre-pay except for blackberries.

Joe's Rules:

1. Please do not allow children on tractors or equipment

2. The farm is free for you to walk, but please ask permission to enter buildings or greenhouses.

3. Please do not step on or over any beds in the field. To switch rows, please enter and exit at ends of the field.

4. No bags or backpacks in the field.

5. No outside containers are allowed in the field.

6. No dogs allowed in the fields.

7. Any overflow strawberries will be charged extra. Please make sure you only pick what can fit in the provided baskets.

Have questions regarding You-Pick? Visit our FAQs page

Saturday strawberry slots will be added the Wednesday prior to each date.