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The dairy started in 1923 with one cow by Harley Swan, Sr. In 1962, Harley Swan, Jr. and Larry Swan, sons of Harley Swan, Sr. purchased the dairy. In 1972, Harley and his family bought it from his brother, Larry.

In April of 1985, we started producing our quality cheeses beginning with Colby then, later in June, we began production of our varieties of cheddar cheeses. In 1992 we started producing mozzarella cheese. We do not add any coloring to any of our cheeses. Our cows are our top priority. We do not give them any hormones to increase their milk production. They receive grain in the milking parlor then are turned out to pasture where the receive hay and graze on pasture. Our herd consists of Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and crosses of Holsteins, Brown Swiss, and Jersey.

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