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The Wholee Granolee story is simple.  

In search for an accessible, nutritional, and true ingredient snack, Wholee Granolee was created.  In the fall of 2011, Founder Meredith Beuter, started developing various recipes in her test kitchen. After receiving such great feedback and an amazing following, Wholee Granolee was born, making it's way through the store aisles of the Midwest to the small cafes in Jenks, OK. 

Meredith Beuter, is a food focused chef with a passion for all things sweet and savory. Meredith knew she wanted to be a chef since she was eight years old. She was first introduced to the beauty of good food while spending summers in her grandmother's kitchen, being the official taste tester.  To this day, her grandmother's cherry tarts are still her favorite (she now makes them for her own children).  After making her family consume pasta primavera and stuffed baked potatoes weekly for years (they were perfected recipes!), she decided to pursue her dream of attending the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.  After graduation, Meredith went on to work in various culinary settings including private chef, catering, hotel, and restaurants.

Wholee Granolee uses premium ingredients that are sure to lighten up your taste buds for an afternoon snack or a morning parfait.  We think you may want to stock up when purchasing Wholee Granolee…it's not unheard of to eat a bag in one sitting!

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