Ways to enjoy Hellim

Ways to enjoy Hellim


Hellim is ready to enjoy out of the package. Simply rinse the cheese to remove any extra brine, then slice it and snack away. Fresh hellim is perfect on its own or delicious paired with cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, or a fresh slice of bread, or even grated over pasta.


Hellim is, after all, a grilling cheese! Due to its high melting point, hellim is perfect for grilling and achieves maximum squeakiness when prepared this way. Simply slice the hellim, lightly oil it, and add seasoning if desired and cook it quickly on a hot nonstick or oiled grill.


Pan-frying is one of the simplest ways to enjoy hellim. Just slice the hellim, blot it dry with a towel and sear in for 1 - 2 minutes in a hot, dry non-stick pan - no oil needed. Fried hellim has a golden crust on the outside with a soft, squeaky inside. Great as a snack or by itself or paired with fried eggs and toast for breakfast.